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Use cases

Safient is for everyone. May it be end-users, 3rd party tools, and services or institutions. Check out the resources or reach out to us. Our primary vision of Safient is to provide better usability, interoperable, secure services for everyone using our protocol.

👨🏻‍💻 Developers

Safient maintains resources to help developers integrate their applications to seamlessly interact with safes using our SDKs.

Safient Developer Docs

👯 Individuals

We are working on a variety of non-custodial crypto assets recovery and inheritance services on top of Safient protocol such as Safient Wallet and Safient Safes.

Checkout Safient Wallet

🏢 Enterprise edition

We are working on our enterprise edition to integrate with the existing crypto exchanges and custodial wallet services in a much more scalable way.

Contact us for Enterprise Edition

Most of our efforts at Safient are to focus on delivering a robust, security-audited protocol that can be used to build applications or integrated with other applications in a secure and convenient manner through our SDKs. We have imagined a number of use cases and application integrations that are possible on the Safient protocol.

Here are a few use cases that we think can be achieved to make them a better solution by leveraging the Safient protocol.

👮‍♂️ Custodial/ hybrid wallet solutions:

Coinbase Commerce


Wallet solutions provided by services like Coinbase commerce rely on users to backup the secret recovery phrases on Google drive. This is not the best way to secure and recover digital assets. Integrating Safient safe to the Coinbase commerce merchants will allow them to safeguard and recover their assets anytime.

📱 Non custodial wallet solutions:

Hardware wallets


Hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger are some of the safest ways to store and perform transactions on crypto assets. These wallets support a wide range of crypto assets. To store and manage these crypto assets, the wallet will use seed phrases to generate secret keys. Ideally, these secret keys should never leave the hardware wallet to ensure security. But relying on the hardware entirely is not clever and it is suggested to back these seed phrases somewhere. It is suggested to use paper to note down these phrases and keep them safe. Although it might feel like the best choice, they are hard to maintain and transfer securely to family members in case of a tragic event. Safient could be used as a solution to create safes and back up this secret information and also help loved ones claim the assets whenever desired.

Software wallets


Software wallets are not the best choice when it comes to providing the best security for your crypto assets. But they are the most convenient way to create and send transactions to use any decentralized application. People often rely on insecure cloud storage when it comes to backing us the wallet seed phrases. Most of them don't bother with the inheritance plan for software wallets. But software wallets are the hardest wallets to inherit as your loved ones are often unaware of their presence. Safient provides the best solution one could ask for to back up the secret seed phrases of any software wallets and add inheritance beneficiaries with in a few clicks.