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Safient CLI

CLI tool to run a Safien worker node and interact with the safes on Safient protocol..

Getting started

  npm i @safient/cli

Running the Safien worker on a testnet

  safient safien worker --network testnet

Enter the worker info when running for the first time

Interacting with the Safient protocol

Create a new user:

  safient user create --name Safient1 --email [email protected] --network testnet

Create a new safe:

  safient safe create --beneficiary did:key:z6MknvaZuK44SWdsK8m6t3mq7AWQ2Hj1zGhVTPywcPGS7qFf --data 'Test safe' --network testnet

Show a safe:

  safient safe show 01fgbz287dvds1ft1e4tdbjqkp --network testnet

Building locally

  git clone
cd cli
npm install
npm run build

Running Tests

Create an .env file in the middleware and root folder with USER_API_KEY, USER_API_SECRET

  cd ..
npm run test