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What is Asguard?

Asaguard is a plug and play solution for DApps and wallet providers to quickly create a smart contract wallet leveraging account abstraction to provide whole bunch of features that provides security and best user experience.

Asguard provides the easiest way to create a wallet with easy onboarding and yet provides the best recovery solution to ensure that the user always retains control of the wallet.

Unlike existing non-custodial wallets, the user doesn’t need to back up their wallet seed phrases while creating the account. In case of loss of access to the wallet, it can be self-recovered or claimed by beneficiaries at the right time without any intermediaries.

The wallet users can add a recovery mechanism and beneficiary at any time. This enables the wallet to be self-recovered anytime by the creator and claimed by the beneficiary only during certain events.


  • No seed phrases
    • Thanks to smart contract wallets leveraging account abstraction using ERC 4337
  • No onboarding cost
    • Users can pay for anything in ERC20 tokens, including gas or sponsored by the app developer
  • Secure and convenient recovery
    • Thanks to smart contract wallets that enable secure and convenient recovery of wallets
  • Granular permissions - future

Wallet recovery solutions

Self-recovery types:

  • Social recovery with the help of other devices, family and friends, or custodial signers
  • 2FA-based recovery with the help of email, WhatsApp, and mobile devices

Beneficiary recovery types:

  • Deadman switch (pedal) recovery allows beneficiaries to access the wallet after a specified inactivity period.
  • Date/session-based recovery allows the beneficiary to access the wallet at a specified date and time for a specified time duration.
  • Arbitration-based recovery allows the beneficiary to access the wallet after a specified onchain or off-chain event has been proven such as the demise of the wallet owner.


Higlevel architcture of all the components invloved in Asguard wallet infra.